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My name is Mahmoud, I'm 23 years old.
I love being around people with positive energy and that little something that makes them unique.

Therefor it became my passion to explore and experience things from whole new perspectives
and meet all kind of people that make our "home - this earth"
a better place.

I combine that with skills that i developed through out the last 5 years.

As a creative director 
I love creating, creating the new.

Combining my years of experience in filmmaking
with all kinds of digital art and tools to bring out the full potential of my partners.

Lets look into the future.
Set emotions into people, brightening their view and enabling them for the new possible.

Have a wonderful day
Hi :)

My name is Liz
I‘m 24 years old
I‘m powerful 

Behind everything there is a story to tell. Turning your voice loud and making you beeing seen is what I‘m passionate about.
Share you story and I share yours. I bring out the details, explore the unique in you and create opportunities out of it.
Let’s make you and your Business beeing seen the way that you are. 

At Avec Chaleur we warm the hearts of people and enable them to pursue their potential.

My years of experience in storytelling, relation building, creating and directing, enable me to generate substantial, long-term and real results, our partners can build on.

Let's deep dive together
Let's make the future ours
Let's bring out the specials

Can’t wait to hear YOUR story!

Have an awesome day

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